Knowledge explains.
Communication changes.

Opticom Group offers global research, consulting and communication.

Our mission is to help our customers create value by transforming data and knowledge into strategic advice and efficient communication. We are a truly global company covering over 30 nationalities active on 6 continents in more than 100 countries. Since our foundation in 1987 we have undertaken hundreds of international assignments across the world. More facts.

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Hot Topics

Will plastic pollution help save the planet? And sell more pulp?

Now here’s a challenging line of thought. We know that polymer materials, commonly known as micro plastics, are literarily flooding our oceans, endangering numerous species. Almost all of these micro pieces of plastics come from discarded packaging; bags, cartons, bottles, trays, wraps, blisters, you name it. To make things worse, the absolute majority of these […]

Searching for a new energy paradigm? Follow the sun!

E = mc2 Our quest for energy goes back to the dawn of mankind. Light and heat are still, after millions of year, a top priority. And man’s search for new energy sources seem equally futile as endless, where every new solution sooner or later reveals its shortcomings. None of these flaws are much of […]

Is the pulp market becoming non-cyclic? Here are 10 arguments.

“You can’t see the forest for all the trees”. In Sweden, with some 80 percent of the land covered by forests, that is a pretty obvious remark. But it is also a Swedish proverb, meaning that it’s hard to see what’s under your nose. Maybe that is also the case when it comes to the […]

We help companies.
With this and more.

Reach deep insights through market research.
From global gathering to complete analysis.

Evaluate customer satisfaction and loyalty.
To better understand key decision makers.

Innovate collaboration and success.
By using new methods of interactive networking.

Improve positioning on the market.
And even target new customer segments.

Move even higher up the value ladder.
Focusing on benefits, rather than features.

Add services to product offerings.
And thus boost sales and improve bottom line.

We apply a seamless process.
Tailored to your needs.

When you want to understand, decide or drive change, we provide knowledge, insights and creativity by delivering analytic research, strategic advice and efficient communication from our three group companies; Opticom International Research, Opticom Consulting and Opticom Incite Communication.

This is Opticom Group.
Facts and figures.

Opticom International Research

  • Founded 1987
  • Over 1,000 international market research projects completed
  • Covering over 114 countries
  • 45 languages

Opticom Consulting

  • Founded 2004
  • Expertise within several industry sectors
  • Key sectors: healthcare and forest products

Opticom Incite Communication

  • Founded 2014
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • International B2B communication
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