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Searching for a new energy paradigm? Follow the sun!

E = mc2
Our quest for energy goes back to the dawn of mankind. Light and heat are still, after millions of year, a top priority. And man’s search for new energy sources seem equally futile as endless, where every new solution sooner or later reveals its shortcomings.

None of these flaws are much of a surprise to anyone these days. Coal and oil not only run out, they threaten our entire atmosphere. Hydropower may be fine, but there’s a reluctance to exploit more rivers. Nuclear doesn’t seem as an option anymore. Wind is difficult to seize, and even more difficult to calculate. And then we have solar, at least for those who live on the sunny side of the earth. Or?

Let’s back off a bit, and try to remember what many of us learnt in school, but often forget; the “law of conservation of energy”. It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.

Like burning coal to boil water to propel a turbine to spin a generator to make electricity to transmit through power grids to heat stoves to cook food. Or build huge structures out at sea with propellers to capture the wind to drive generators to push electric power through the grids to the factories to make the steel for these windmills. Hm?

Do we really need these complicated, costly and not-so-reliable “food-chains”? And are we really stuck with the energy supply we’re given here on Earth?

Wouldn’t it be smart to make a short cut here, one way or another? And look at this complex issue from another perspective. From above, perhaps.

The sun is actually the only source that keeps adding energy to Earth, day after day. With its enormous mass, its thermal energy content is immense. E = mc2, as Einstein formulated it. Hence, the sun continuously heats and lights, adds motion to wind and waves, makes plants grow… Well, you already know this.

But what if the power industry really focused every effort on seizing this almost endless resource, as directly as ever possible. With minimal losses, and minimal resources. Like smart electronics do.

Remember that 50 years ago a computer was the size of a locomotive. 30 years ago a mobile phone the size of a handbag. 10 years ago no one had ever seen a LED-lamp.

The human brain is a miracle, and ingenious engineering make wonders over and over again. Why should it be so damn impossible to solve energy once and for all? It can, and it must, be done!

We see these challenges, with all the wonderful opportunities they offer, not least for the energy industry. And we’ll take an active role in this process of change. Because we help create value for companies around the world by transforming data and knowledge into strategic advice and efficient communication.

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