Today’s world is full of challenges. It is our true conviction that communication has the power to change. By creating knowledge-based communications we help our customers seize new opportunities that make a difference on the bottom line.

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What if?

Here are series of scenarios where we see a potential for change.
Exactly how, we don’t know yet. But we'll find out.

Because we create value for companies around the world by transforming data and knowledge into strategic advice and efficient communication.

Martin Kubu CEO at Opticom Incite - Opticom Group

Will plastic pollution help save the planet? And sell more pulp?

Now here’s a challenging line of thought. We know that polymer materials, commonly known as micro plastics, are literarily flooding our oceans, endangering numerous species. Almost all of these micro pieces of plastics come from discarded packaging; bags, cartons, bottles, trays, wraps, blisters, you name it. To make things worse, the absolute majority of these […]

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