JC Fantechi Business Development Director - Opticom Group - Opticom Group

Changing the world of friction.

Imagine a leading manufacturer of bearings deciding to create true change.

They had probably already invested huge amounts of time and money in trying to shake off their low-cost competitors.

And they had also probably added services and advice to their product offerings, focusing on marketing advanced solutions to complex problems.

This might have gone fine for a long time, but the former low-cost competitors stealthily inched their way upward, forward. Also offering solutions.

What now?

How about going back to their roots, where it all started?


Why not claim the true leading position as the company that better than anyone else knows how to reduce friction? And hence help customers save energy, improve performance, increase life-expectancy, raise up-time, lower service costs and so on…

Would this work? We don’t know yet. But we can find out.

Because we strive to help companies around the world create value by transforming data and knowledge into strategic advice and efficient communication.

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