JC Fantechi Business Development Director - Opticom Group - Opticom Group

Driving automotive safety even further. In a new direction.

Envisage a true pioneer of automotive safety deciding to create true change.

Let’s say they started out with basic car components that helped increase not only personal safety, but also improved ease-of-use, reliability, performance, and even comfort. This was widely appreciated, and automotive manufacturers lined up to get their hands on these smart products.

Now imagine that this company took it even further, started to develop their products into systems, and made them smarter, even intelligent. And hey presto, suddenly they could offer not only passive safety, but also active safety. Now the car brands embodying these solutions could be counted by the dozens.

But the company’s prosperity still lies in the hands of decision makers within the automotive industry. Could they go further, reaching outside of the industry’s firm walls?

Could they brand their solutions into a portfolio, strong enough to enhance the automotive brands? Could they even create a brand preference among those that buy cars, as well as among those that produce them?

Could they, and should they, address stakeholders within insurance companies, legislative bodies, and even politicians?

We don’t know yet. But we can find out.

Because what we strive to do is to help companies around the world create value by transforming data and knowledge into strategic advice and efficient communication.

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