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Internet of Anything! A thriller. Part two.

Sometimes you wish you’d been wrong. Like early this summer, when we wrote about the Telcos, and their century long globetrotting, from telecom to the Internet of Things. Way back, it was a novelty that anyone could speak to anyone. Now, anything will soon be able to speak to anything.

May, 2016.
We wrote: “Who will care about the Telcos and their brands? Isn’t it more likely that the smart “Internet” companies or the sophisticated makers of the “things” get the upper hand? And that the Telcos become subordinate and anonymous suppliers of commodities.”

June, 2016.
The leading North European Telco announces that they will initiate a program for making major layoffs.

July, 2016:
The same Telco is letting their CEO go. And admits that competition is very tough, not least from completely different types of companies.

September, 2016:
Drastic plans are communicated about downsizing, mainly of hardware manufacturing. But also some plans about life after telecommunication.

October, 2016:
This Telco is looking rather gray and gloomy, and their figures are now in the red. But some analytics see a brighter side; the beginning of their Internet of Things era.

We cannot help remembering another thing we wrote in May: “Can it turn the other way? That the Telcos – who in fact sparked it all off more than a century ago – will prove their tenacity once again. And remain household brands. Even within the Internet of Anything.”

We don’t know yet. But we can find out.

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